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ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM, Tel 01865 278000, Tue to Sat 10-4, Sun 2-4. Closed a few days in September.

Beaumont Street, Oxford OX1 2PH www.ashmol.ox.ac.uk

Pre-Raphaelite Room Chaucer wardrobe, Burne-Jones' Danae, Rossetti's Dante drawing the head of Beatrice and other paintings which Morris and Burne-Jones admired.

Print room, by appointment, Burne-Jones drawings for Cupid and Psyche, Orpheus and Eurydice etc, drawings for the Kelmscott Press and for paintings.

Morris, cartoons for the Selsley Annunciation for Minstrels with Cymbals and Organ, and for foliage backgrounds.

Store room Rossetti, watercolour study for the Oxford Union and portrait of Jane Morris and Burne-Jones tiles.

BODLEIAN LIBRARY, Mon to Fri 9-5, Sat 9-12.30, guided tours. Tel 277165 (about 45 minutes). Only those with readers tickets can see Morris' illuminations or the Kelmscott Press books, proofs and log book.

CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL, Tel 276154, Mon to Sat 9-5, Sun 1-5, admission fee. Five major Burne-Jones windows, the St. Catherine cartoons are now in the Christ Church Picture Gallery in storage.

EXETER COLLEGE CHAPEL, Tel 279600, Mon to Fri 2-5. Burne-Jones, Adoration of the Magi tapestry, Morris Bird wall hangings.

MANCHESTER COLLEGE CHAPEL Tel 271006, Mon to Fri 2-5. Twelve 1890's windows.

MERTON COLLEGE CHAPEL Tel 276310, Mon to Fri 2-4, Sat and Sun 10-4. Windows circa 1300 adapted by Webb for Selsley and Southgate.

MUSEUM OF OXFORD, St. Aldates, Tel 815559, Tues to Fri 10-4, sat 10-5. Lily carpet, Bird chair and Tulip and Rose curtains and printed textiles.

OXFORD UNION SOCIETY, Frewin Court, OX1 3JB, Tel 241353. 1857 wall paintings and 1875 ceiling. They can be seen on weekdays in vacations.

RHODES HOUSE, Tel 270902, South Parks road, OX1 3RG, Mon to Fri 2-5, Pilgrim in the Garden tapestry, adapted by Dearle in 1901 from a Burne-Jones painting and embroidery.

SAINT EDMUND HALL CHAPEL, Queens Lane, OX1 4AR, by written appointment only, east window 1864-5 by Burne-Jones, Morris and Webb.

SAINT MICHAEL NORTHGATE Tel 240940, April-Oct 10-5, Winter 10-4, tower with views and Morris' wedding certificate.


BLOXHAM, ST MARY'S Tel 01295 720252 (on A361, 487 bus from Banbury). 1869 window with 16 figures by Burne-Jones and Morris.

MIDDLETON CHEYNEY, ALL SAINTS Tel 01295 710254, (M40 exit 11, A422 500 or 508 bus). 1865-1893 windows.

BICESTER, ST EDBURG'S Tel 01869 253222 (M40 exit 9, A421). 1866 east window of south aisle, Burne-Jones, The Three Virtues with the Three Vices at Their Feet, scrolls and tracery by Phillip Webb.

LEWKNOR, ST MARGARET'S Tel 01844 352419 (M40 exit 6, B4009). Morris 1873 Adoring Angels, designed for tiles in Bournemouth, 1876 Minstrel Angels.

BEAUDESERT, ST NICHOLAS Tel 01564 792576 (M40 exit 16, A3400 to Henley-on-Arden). 1864-65 Burne-Jones four figures, Madox Brown St Paul, Morris St Peter, minstrels and seraphs.

BISHOP'S TACHBROOK, ST CHAD Tel 01296 426922, (M40 exit 13 or 14, B4087 north). Morris Presentation in the Temple, 1863.


KELMSCOTT MANOR See separate listing

BUSCOT PARK (NATIONAL TRUST) Tel 10367 242094. April-Sept, Wed to Fri 2-6, 2nd and 4th Sats and following Sun and Easter Sat and Sun 2-6. Burne-Jones, Briar Rose paintings. Madox Brown's Entombment. Rossetti, Jane Morris as Pandora.

BUSCOT, ST MARY'S Tel 01367 25222 (A417). 1892 east window Burne-Jones Good Shepherd, designed for Brampton in Cumbria in 1880, but with a new background by Dearle. 1897 small window to right of the altar, Burne-Jones Angels of Paradise. St Mary's also has three 1920's windows including the Three Virtues designed for Christ Church.

EATON HASTINGS, ST MICHAEL'S Tel 01367 240104, near Buscot. 1874 by the pulpit, Burne-Jones St Matthew, designed 1870 for Marple. 1877 Burne-Jones Risen Christ designed 1876 for Kirkhampton. 1913 west window, center Madox Brown St Michael, flanked by Morris Raphael and Gabriel, designed in 1862.

TILEHURST, NEAR READING, ST MICHAELS Tel 01734 427331, (A329). 1869 window, Burne-Jones Virgin and Child designed for the window and five minstrel angels by Morris.

EASTHAMPTON, ST MICHAEL'S Tel 01344 425205/432253, near Bracknell (south of A329 on A3095). Burne-Jones, 1874 Last Judgment, 1878 Mary Magdalene with the angel and with Christ in the garden, 1883 Legend of St Maurice, 1885, Adoration of the Magi, 1914 St Michael with two angels.

BRADFIELD COLLEGE, Tel 01734 744208, near Pangbourne. One of Burne-Jones' earliest windows, designed for Powells in 1857, left, Adam and Eve After the Fall, center, Building the Tower of Babel, right, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, striking tracery above. The cartoons are in the V&A.

FAWLEY, ST MARY'S Tel 01488 638566, (west of A338 to Wantage). 1868 east window Morris St Joseph, Burne-Jones Virgin Mary and Nativity.

CRANBOURNE, ST PETER'S Tel 01344 882322 (B3022 off A322 south of Windsor). 1862 two windows by Morris, one by Madox Brown.

DEDWORTH, ALL SAINTS Tel 01753 864591, near Windsor, (on B3024 at Wolf pub roundabout, Maidenhead buses from Peascod St. Windsor. The church has 13 windows from the old church. 1863 Burne-Jones Nativity, Rossetti Crucifixion, Morris Resurrection. 1873 Madox Brown St Anne, Morris St Catherine. 1877-1888 Burne-Jones Virgin and Child and seven saints.

ETON COLLEGE Tel 01753 671177 (park in Windsor). July and August 10.30- 4.30, other months 2-4.30, optional tours 2.15, 3.30. (Closed one day May and Sept). Burne Jones three tapestries in the chapel.

WEST WOODHAY, ST LAWRENCE Tel 01635 34427. 1883 east window Burne-Jones Crucifixion, with the cross as a tree, designed in 1877 for St Michael's Torquay. 1887 Morris St Augustine, 1877 Burne-Jones St Peter and St Paul.

FARNHAM ROYAL, ST. MARY'S (BUCKS) Tel 01753 643233 or 644293. 1868 Morris St James and St Peter, right Madox Brown St John.

BROMHAM, ST. NICHOLAS Tel 01380 850322, (M4 J16, south on A3102). Circa 1870 Burne-Jones Crucifixion, prophets and saints.

SOPWORTH, ST. MARY Tel 01666 890283, (M4 J18, A46 to Stroud A433). 1873, The Three Maries, center Burne-Jones, others Morris.

RODBOURNE, HOLY ROOD Tel 01249 720220, (M4 J17, A429 north). 1863 east window, Madox Brown The Fall, Rossetti Annunciation, Burne-Jones Christ on the Cross. 1863 chancel west window Philip Webb Pelican

MARLBOROUGH COLLEGE CHAPEL (on A4, ask porter, 9-1, and 2-4 term time or www.marlboroughcollege.org ). 1877 repeat of Burne-Jones' Samuel and Timothy from Christ Church, Oxford but with foliage backgrounds. Morris attended the school until a student revolt in 1851. Burne-Jones' son Philip was also a pupil.

This information was collated from 'Burne-Jones and William Morris' A Heritage Art Guide by Ann S. Dean. The book is available from The Arts and Crafts Home.

email: John and Chrissie - theartsandcraftshome@gmail.com